Information on reuse of parts

IDIS provides a user friendly navigation to an extensive database with practical information on pre-treatment, safety related issues like airbag deployment and handling of HV batteries, on potentially recyclable parts and other safety related elements mentioned in the EU ELV directive (e.g. lead in batteries or mercury and lead in electronic devices).

Its objective is, to provide dismantling information for treatment operators to promote the environmentally sound treatment of ELV’s, safely and economically.

However, authorized treatment facilities are welcome to use the same reference as any independent operator. With regard to finding information to reuse parts, manufacturers offer access to their repair & maintenance information (RMI) websites as prescribed by other regulations, e.g. in the EU.

The reference below contains links and contact details where ATFs can access RMI*, including e.g. spare part catalogues and training information, as for independent operators.

*Access to RMI may incur a fee

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